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World of Tanks FisterXVM v1









Last known locations of live enemy tanks

Proximity spotting range (50 meter radius yellow ring)

Blind area range (dynamic radius blue ring)

Maximum spotting range (445 meter radius double yellow ring)

Dynamic object draw limit (564 meter radius black ring)

Camera direction (dashed line with dots at 100 meter ranges) 



Maximum zoom out limit increased

Hit point tracker (press ALT)

Damage Log (press ALT)

Received Damage Announcer (displayed in chat)

Garage enhancements (ping, clock, tank sorting)

 Color-coded player stats:








_v1 Compatible with WoT game client








1) Download .zip file                     

2) Extract into C:\Games\<WoT folder>     

3) Sign in at to activate XVM  

a) Activate services                

b) Update statistics                

c) Settings (change "WGR" to "WN8") 

4) Restart World of Tanks                 







Q1: What makes this mod special?
A: FisterXVM is easy to install and gives you a significant edge without making drastic changes to the game interface. 

Q2: Can I modify FisterXVM?
A: Yes. Open the appropriate .xc file in \res_mods\configs\xvm\FisterXVM with Notepad++.





1) Open C:\Games\<WoT folder>\res_mods\ and delete everything in it 

2) Delete C:\Games\<WoT folder>\res_mods\configs                           

 3) Delete C:\Games\<WoT folder>\res_mods\mods                               

4) Restart World of Tanks                                                  




CREDITS for basic XVM mod for WN8 rating/colors

ENGiAND for minimap code and XVM.ttf

Omegaice PLSiusiak Elkano for Received Damage Announcer







Send an in-game message to PeacefulCitizen or FullMetalRetard when you see us on the NA servers.